Are you a big fan of Tekken 3 For PC?

Are you crazy about it, but you only have that old PC to play it on?

If yes, then you have come to the right place. This site is totally dedicated for such people. On this site, you can download Tekken 3, watch tekken 3 video's, check out its images, browse through our list of cheats and so on. But what's special is that the tekken 3 available on this site is a PC version. Yes, you heard right! It's Tekken 3 For PC.

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Basic Tekken 3 For PC Description:-

                           Tekken 3 is the third game of the tekken series.After the death of kazuya heihachi gained control of mfe but after a while Hiehachi's tekken force is attacked by a mysterious monster called Ogre which is known as the god of fighting and absorbs powerful fighters energy for some unknown reasons.While the tekken force is fighting Ogre heihachi organize the king of iron fist tournament 3.So now you have to defeat Ogre in the arcade mode.

The different game modes it contains are the following:

Ball Mode
Force Mode
Arcade Mode
VS Mode
Practice Mode
Survival Mode
Time Mode
Team Battle Mode

Each mode contains it's own qualities which make this game more fun to play also it has two player system which allow you to play tekken 3 with your friends.
The following characters are in tekken 3:

Jin kazama
Paul Phoneix
True Ogre
Gun jack

My Personal Tekken 3 Review:

In my opinion this game is the best in all the tekken series.It is a lot of fun to play this game, it is the best fighting game ever i have played in my life please download this game and i am telling you will enjoy this game a lot. My favorite player is paul because he is fast and he is a street fighter, i have been playing tekken 3 for 1-2 years and i have enjoyed the team battle mode the most, i have alot of experience in this game so i prefer you to go in the practise mode and do some practise before playing with the computer or you're friends i learent many moves from the practise mode.The main reason why i like tekken 3 more than tekken tag tournament is because it is 3d. In my 2 years of playing tekken i also have enjoyed a lot playing the Survival mode, fight each player and beat them and in the next fight the power will be the same i defeated 21 players of computer from heihachi, fight till the death. I prefer you play with Jin, Eddy or Heihachi to beat a lot of player in the survival mode. Download tekken 3 from our website.

Now i am gonna tell you some attacks for tekken 3 for PC for player one:


Power Punch = The back button and S,D

Grab = S,X

Grab2 = Z,D

Grab 3 = Two-times Forward and S,D

Two Punch combo = Down and Forward,S,D

1 Down and 1 Up punch combo = Down and Forward,S

Front Heavy Punch = Forward and S,D

Flying Kick = Two Times Forward and X

These were some of the attacks we have all players attack section, so go and checkout the player attack section for more devastating attacks.


So without wasting anytime, simply have a look on the navigation bar, and check out the following:

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Tekken 3 download

Note: Download instructions, to help you run the game if you face any problem - RECOMMENDED.